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Conveyor Belt

The free motion nature and high loading capacity of our conveyor belt ensures perfect accuracy from the beginning of production.

Roll Crusher

Our multiple layers of advanced roll crushing make our final product fine and uniform in shape and with perfect symmetry.

Multi Bucket Excavator

The multi-bucket excavator uses 35 continuous scoops to transport raw materials while maintaining excellent accuracy every time.

Extruder Machine

Our state-of-the-art extruder machine ensures uniform clay bricks with strong extruding pressure and small wave motion.

Automated Brick Loader

Using fully computerized techniques, our automated brick loading machine carries the raw bricks to the final heating process.

Automated Brick Packer

All the palletizing and final packaging is done by our automated brick packing machine using the latest technology.

Dry Brick Setting Robot

The Japanese dry brick setting robot uses a robotic arm to put the brick in a pallet to pass it over to the loading machine.

Tunnel Kiln

Our eco-friendly tunnel kiln preheats our bricks using air combustion through highly efficient modern technology.

Coal Burner

Coal burning is the process where our bricks get burned in an operation known as coal firing, a part of our quality assurance.